About Canada Grains Council

The Canada Grains Council is an organization of grain industry interests representing producers, crop input companies, grain companies, processors, end users, government departments, financial institutions, regulatory agencies and others.

Formed in 1969 to co-ordinate efforts to increase the sale and use of Canadian grain in domestic and world markets, the Council has become the leading recognized forum of the grain industry, in Canada and around the world.


To coordinate and improve dialogue within industry and between industry and Governments.


To provide a forum for the Canadian grains and oilseeds sector to develop an enhanced agriculture and agri-food industry.


To be the leading recognized forum of the grains industry throughout Canada.

Canada Grains Council

Canada Grains Council
476-167 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0T6

Email: office@canadagrainscouncil.ca
Phone: (204) 925-2130